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"The Lord lives and blessed be my rock; and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation"

                                             2 Samuel 22:47

Board of Directors
President-Derbin Leighton
Vice President-Candice Meyer
Treasurer- Denise Leighton
Secretary- Tara Leighton
Assistant Spiritual Director - Ginny Boyle
Charlene Rauch
Tracey Salvatore
Kevin Fiore
Spiritual Director - Pastor Keith Beverley



                                              CAMP JOY 

From the south: Taconic Prkwy to Peekskill Hollow Rd. Make a right onto Peekskill Hollow Rd follow to the end. Make a left onto Route 301north go one mile to Nimham Rd. Make a right onto Nimham then 1.1 miles to the front entrance on your right. 

From the north: Taconic Prkwy South to the Rout 301 exit east. Go 4 miles and make a left onto Nimham Rd. Then go 1.1 miles to the front entrance 250 Nimham Rd on your right. 

From Interstate 84 we are 20 minutes off Exit 19. Take 312 west to Rte. 6 west to 52 north to 301 – 6.1 miles to Nimham Rd. Turn right, then 1.1 miles to the front entrance


From Interstate 84 :10 minutes off Exit 19. Take 312 west to Rte. 6 west to 52 north. The church is right in the center of Carmel Village, and is across the street from the diner. Parking is located across the street from the church.  

Hear what some have said about attending an Agape weekend.

I'll forever be changed. This weekend, I felt the power and beauty of Gods love. I world has been shattered and I come back changed. walls were crumbled by such insurmountable love. I feel blessed. I feel loved. I feel beautiful. Tonight I can't wait to god and pray for this peace for the rest of my life.  O.T.

There are no words to describe the amazing weekend I got to be a part of....I am forever changed... Agape ♥ KJ

Agape love knows no bounds, is limitless, unconditional and perfect. It changes lives! J.R.

Agape 19 so powerful, there are no words. “Team Tachelle” lead an awesome team. Is it November yet?    MM

Wow... It is the fourth day and I feel so very blessed for each and every person I met this weekend. I can't even explain the love I am feeling today. Each and every person on this weekend has such a special place in my heart. I can't wait to see everyone again! Thank you so much again to all the people that made this weekend the most amazing weekend of my life..I love you all!!! KJ


Happy 4th day! I love all of you so very much. You all hold a very special place in my heart. I can't even begin to thank each of you enough for all the hard work and love you put into this weekend. I am beyond excited to see you all again soon!!! God bless! Xoxo  CH


Thank you to everybody in my new Agape family ;) I had such an amazing weekend but I have to say it was very sad not to wake up to see everybody !!
Happy 4th day to everybody   JQ

What do you get what you cross a lot of hugs, 8 total hours of sleep, a Harlem Shake, hippies, flowers, Jesus, coffee, a cross, some love letters, and an overwhelming feeling of love!? An AMAZING Agape weekend!!! ♥ TL

AGAPE love on my mind all day ~  JF

 I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you for EVERYTHING!  CH
 This weekend was fantastic!!!! Can't wait for the next one pumped!!! VT
This weekend was absolutely Divine! I am so blessed to be a part of it with you all! Watching God Heal your hearts and lives touched mine soo much! Love you all!! SS
Love you all so much, thank you for one of the best weekends EVER! KV
 The weekend was incredible and you could just feel the love everywhere!  KB
Hello to everyone! Today is my 4th day and it is an awesome one! How can I ever begin to thank you all for the sacrifice and total outpouring of love that I was blessed to experience over the past three days? I Began today at the breakfast table with my family, biological that is, with thanksgiving and prayer and reading from Gods word. I awoke with a greater and deeper understanding of Gods love for me and a new energy that I am having trouble putting into words. This past weekend was a deeply moving and emotional one for me and I have emerged with an even greater desire to share Gods truth and love with the lost. To step out further and bolder than befofe as the Lord has been nudging me to do, while being in step with the Holy Spirit and willing to go wherever he takes me. I feel a renewed stregth to continue to face the enemy head on without fear and to pull people from the flames. I love serving the Lord and all of you served him this weekend with the highest level of righteousness and the fruit of your labor and faithfulness will bear witness. Thank you and I look forward to fellowshipping with you again. JJ

Happy Fourth, today, tomorrow and always!!! Indescribable weekend, thank you all so much! I love and miss you all! :) RF
What an amazing weekend! It was hard to concentrate at work today. I kept thinking of all the great things that happened over the past couple of days! I am very blessed to have such great people in my life! xoxoxoxo

What an incredible weekend.PS
It was absolutely amazing, life changing weekend for me;) JQ
The tears come so much easier now, how liberating! I have never been able to do that around people. My heart is softer and the chains have been broken! JJ
I let down the walls around me...looking at everything with Jesus in my heart with a whole different light... It's amazing
My son asked me to pray with them before I left my house this morning.... Wow that's all!! JQ

Denise.......Agape is sooooooo awesome  : )My husband had a great time. I've seen positive changes for the last few months but this was the finale......thank you thank you thank you to you, Derbin, and all the Agape family. God is working in our lives I don't know where to begin. This is an answer to our prayers for sooooo long.  Agape is amazing the way it brings everyone together no matter where you're from, or what your age is, etc. Just incredible to see...... God bless you and your family!!!!!! I'll be praying for you guys and supporting you however I can!  Love you!!!!

                          AGAPE 23

Thank you all for one of the best, if not the absolute best weekend of my life! I feel like a completely new person in the best way. Missing you all so much already! ~Steph 

"I don't even know where to start I had a life changing experience. I truly am a man changed and how God revealed himself to me this whole weekend I am blown away. I so love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart what you and your family through god has done for me an mine is immeasurable."

I am so alive, so Blessed, and so grateful that I spent 3 days with the most anointed group of people that was without a doubt, with God's Almighty hand, the experience of my life! I can't put into words the flood of Christ's love that has changed me forever" ~George

"I shared some Agape love tonight! The feeling is indescribable. I am a changed person and apparently it shows.  What a marvelous group of people. I am so blessed to have spent 48 hours in the presence of God's perfection. I love you all, Jesus loves you, pass it on! "~Sue 

"Ive been saved, I've been changed, I have been set free" feeling so much peace, love, joy and gratitude. God Bless you all♡ "~Rachel 

"What a wonderful weekend! Thank you to the Team! Words can not express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to experience all of you. Thank you once again. "~Terri

"I am touched by so many beautiful souls this agape 22 weekend taught me to be encouraged to everyone thank you for all your hard work love you all thank you Jesus amen" ~Dawn

"I am just awakening to a new day, but my heart and mind are filled with thoughts of this past Agape weekend. This weekend was so wonderful. I am having a hard time articulating what I am feeling and what I witnessed. The changed lives and of course all the ladies I served with on Chapel (we rocked) stand out on the top of my list. But it is also how each team and each person contributed to the weekend. The candidates came with hunger and an open heart, and left filled and changed forever. Each person working the weekend served with everything they had. The Lord was lifted up in an amazing way this weekend. I am so honored and blessed to have been a part of Agape 22. I love you all so much!" ~Patty

"What an amazing life changing weekend that everyone in the world should experience it's that amazing! I love you!" ~Mario 

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