Who is in Agape?

     Our Agape community consists of young people and adults who have already experienced the Agape weekend. Our community meets and connects regularly for prayer, fellowship and support.

What happens on a weekend?

The weekend is a sequence of discoveries and reflections, each building on the other. It begins gently on Friday night and builds throughout the weekend towards the close on Sunday evening. Through talks of personal witness and spiritual guidance, small group discussions and sharings, friendship, community,periods of reflection, music, laughter, games and a variety of liturgies, the "Candidates"  are offered a unique personal experience. There are also quite a few nice surprises!!  It is not a traditional retreat weekend. It offers a chance to get away from the distractions of everyday life and refocus. It is a journey in faith, a sharing in Christian love, and opportunity to learn more about one's self, to explore one's relationship with God.

What about after the weekend?

After the initial weekend, we often meet for social activities and some fellowship. We
 also hold reunions. We feel it's important to stay connected long after the weekend
 comes to an end. The reunions and meetings are essential to the continual spiritual
 growth of our membership.

     Does my religious affiliation matter?
  The Agape retreat is ecumenical. The program invites and involves the participation of Christians of many denominations. Many Christian churches in the area are represented, but we are not affiliated with any one particular church. Agape is ecumenical not only because members of many denominations participate, but because  Agape seeks to foster Christian unity and to reinforce the whole Christian community. This is one of the great strengths and joys of the Agape community. 

Who works on an Agape Weekend?

The Agape Community or Team, is made up of  Christians representing these area churches, and who have attended an Agape Weekend. The team will serve on the 48 hour weekend in varying capacities and supporting it always with prayer.

    What if I can't make this weekend?

We hold two weekend retreats per year, for ages 16 and up, one every spring and fall.
  What churches are represented?

Our team includes members of these area churches:

New Milford United Methodist Church
Mt Carmel Baptist Church
St. Pauls Episcopal Church
United Methodist Church of Gaylordsville
Faith Church
St. Edwards
Sts. John and Paul
New Hope Baptist
St. Josephs
Walnut Hill
Sanctuary at Black Rock Congregational
Stanwich Congregational Church
Mt. Pleasant AME Zion
Church of Bethel
His Vineyard
Valley Presbyterian Church
New Life Community Church
Williamsburg Church NY
Sherman Congregational Church
Grace Community Church
Connections Church
Immanual Lutheran Church
Hillsong NYC
and many others.
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